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We help you successfully build, market, and grow your real estate business, so you can focus on getting back to what you love.

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Building Your Real estate Business

by yourself can be lonely


Does this sound like your real estate business?

  • Past clients use other REALTORS® because they forgot about you?
  • Overwhelmed taking care of every step of the transaction process?
  • No time for family and friends?
  • Disappointing clients because of dropped or missed steps?
  • Spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on dead leads?
  • No systems in place to nurture your existing relationships?
  • You're tired and know you can serve your clients better, but you have no time to build the relationships you need to grow your business?

You don't have to build your business alone.

Build your business with support

We do the business stuff. You get the handshakes.

icon- staging thick

Professional Photos & Staging Consultation

Interior, exterior, and drone footage to market your listings.

transaction management

Transaction Management

Full contract assistance throughout the buying and selling process.

personalized marketing-01

Personalized Marketing

Weekly emails and social media content sent to your connections.

Automated Email Campaign

Listing Coordination

Complete management of the listing process.

CRM Mangement

CRM Management

Help you consistently stay in contact with your list.

Email Campaigns

Automated Email Campaigns

Weekly emails and campaigns to your list for ongoing nurturing.

Business Diag

Business Diagnostics & Coaching

Weekly groups and Monthly coaching to hone your business knowledge and skills. 

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Ongoing content created by our team on your behalf.



Increase leads through marketing tools and advertising.

Building relationships

With your clients and your team


Beth Havlik

It's a whole new life for me that I hope I never take for granted. The opportunities in real estate are wonderful. The Mike Brown Group has exceeded my expectations.

Your Team Is Waiting

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Let's Go!


Schedule a call to meet with our leadership team and see if the Mike Brown Group is a good fit for you.


Meet other agents and our team, giving you insight into how they can help you grow your business.



Welcome to the team! We can't wait to help you build your business, so you can enjoy your life.


Here's What our team says

about joining the Mike Brown Group

Butch Amyx

"The Mike Brown Group has brought together a  group of super talented people and resources, investing in specialized in-house experts focused on all aspects of marketing and administration.Which means, I can be more focused on providing my clients more time, attention, and communication during the transaction process. "

C.J. Peebles

"Before joining MBG, I needed ongoing education, coaching, and mentorship. Although RE school gives you knowledge, it’s overwhelming trying to apply what I learned knowing it’s the difference between success and failure as an agent. After joining MBG, I was able to build a focused approach to my business with the help of AMAZING mentorship, and an administrative team that is tailored to helping me focus on growth."

Ready to Break Free


At the Mike Brown Group, we know you want to build a successful real estate business in Idaho. The problem is, there are so many things that need to be done, you end up spending long days trying to coordinate it all. You're overworked, tired, and just need help. You love the industry, but you can't sustain managing it all if you want to build a successful network to grow your business.

We get it. Like you, we've all been there and struggled to build the relationships we need to grow our business while juggling housing listings, contract negotiations, and countless steps to turn a lead into a sale. That's why we've built a group that helps you tackle the jobs to be done, so you can focus on what you do best, build relationships and land business.

If you're ready to join a team that focuses on building and supporting relationships the plan is simple. First, schedule a call with our leadership team to determine if the Mike Brown Group is for you. Next, you'll meet with other REALTORS® and the marketing team so you know how they can help you build your business. Finally, when you join the Mike Brown Group, you'll get a step-by-step on-boarding plan, to help you streamline your processes so you can build your business.

So schedule your call today, and in the meantime, check out the "5 Things to look for when Joining a Real Estate Team", to help you in your search.

Stop feeling overworked and exhausted building your real estate business on your own. When you join the Mike Brown Group, you'll get the team you need to better run your business, so you can get back to serving clients and enjoying your life again.


Our Numbers don't lie

········· We foster clients for life ·········

Over the last ten years, our volume has dramatically increased. Our production per agent has increased as a result of the marketing, tools, training, and support we provide our team. Consider this, in 2022, we closed $295,535,072 in volume.


Average Agent Production

What to consider when joining a real estate group


What you need to know to build your own brand


How a team can help you focus on what you love


Support you need to be a top agent in the Treasure Valley

BUILDING YOUR REAL ESTATE BUSINESS is overwhelming and complicated

We help you take care of the details of buying and selling properties so your clients are happy and you love your real estate business.

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