Do you own your client database?

As a REALTOR® we know you work hard to build your client relationships. You may spend time calling your clients on their birthday, send them special handwritten notes in the mail, or personally deliver a gift basket when they have a new baby.

As a professional in real estate, cultivating your database and building those relationships is not only important, but vital to your business. It’s not only crucial for repeat business, but also for referral business – so your clients won’t hesitate to recommend you when an office worker or school parent mentions they are considering a move. Your clients most likely know at least 2-3 other agents in the area. In order to keep your clients, you need to stay top-of-mind and in contact with them, continuously building a relationship.

What are some things you can do to nurture your client database?

  • Send birthday and anniversary cards
  • Reach out to your database regularly with helpful information
  • Extend invitations to networking events
  • Celebrate their accomplishments (job promotions, graduations, new baby, marriage)

Our research found that over 80% of our business year after year is from our database of clients and the referral network we have built. We work hard at building those relationships by providing marketing, training, and admin assistance, to assist our agents in building relationships with their database with ease.

You might be wondering, “If I bring my database to the Mike Brown Group and you help me nurture those relationships, what happens if I ever choose to leave? Do you keep my client database?”

The answer is NO. We don’t keep your client database list if you decide the Mike Brown Group is no longer the right fit for your real estate business. Our mission is to foster relationships, and we understand that the relationships between clients and their REALTOR® are special and unique. They didn’t hire the Mike Brown Group. They hired YOU! So your database is your database, always.

Building relationships is an essential part of growing your real estate business, and we want to do everything we can to help you do it well. If you are considering making a move this year to a new team here in the Treasure Valley, we would love to talk to you.