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When you build your personal brand, people know, like, and trust you with their real estate process. It's the key to building a thriving business.

What is a personal brand, and how do you build it?

Your personal brand (regardless of industry) is why people do business with you. It’s your reputation. In a study conducted by Brand Builders Group, 74% of people surveyed said they were more likely to trust someone who had an established personal brand.

Whether you’ve created it intentionally or not, you have a reputation in the market. You don’t want to leave your reputation up to chance. You can define what you’re known for through personal branding.

If building your personal brand is important, how do you do it?

At the Mike Brown Group, we know your personal brand is critical to your business which is why our marketing team is focused on helping you create the content you need to build your personal brand.

Working with our marketing team, we help agents build their personal brands through email communication, social media assistance, content creation, strategy, and so much more.

Your personal brand is your reputation, and it’s what allows you to grow your business with your existing customers and attract new ones. We want our agents to build their reputation through their personal brand, so they can achieve their real estate goals and build the business they love.

If you're ready to grow your business, let's meet so we can get to know you, your goals, and how we can help you build your personal brand so your business thrives.

Personal Branding Examples




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Your Marketing Team

helps you with

personal social

Social Media Assistance

We assist you in branding and growing your social media presence.

transaction management

Consistent Communication

We send out weekly newsletters on your behalf to keep you top of mind.

professional visuals

Professional Visuals

Your listed homes will stand out from the crowd with professional photos, video tours, and content with impact.

Automated Email Campaign

Listing Marketing

Let us take your active listing marketing off your plate. Listed properties get our Social Media Marketing.

personal brand

Personal Branding

People buy from people they know and trust. We train and assist with your personal brand.

MBG Ongoing Marketing

Driving Leads. Driving Deals.

Promotion of listed properties to REALTORS® in MBG

Lead Gen

Social Media Ad Buy for Lead Generation

Listing Support

Social Media Ad Buy for Listing Homes

The Marketing Department
Diana Reynolds, REALTOR®

Everyone here genuinely wants to see you succeed. Our staff is incredible, taking the tedious tasks off your plate so you can focus on your clients and find new ones. Our marketing team makes you look like a superstar through just about any platform you can imagine. MBG markets for YOU specifically, not only the team, and that is huge for you and your clients.

The Administrative Staff
Carmen Wilson, REALTOR®

Our staff is top notch! I cannot say enough great things about all of our marketing team, our transaction and listing coordinators and our agent concierge. They allow me to be the best agent for my clients.

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Over the last ten years, our volume has dramatically increased. Our production per agent has increased as a result of the marketing, tools, training, and support we provide our team. Consider this, in 2022, we closed $295,535,072 in volume.


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We've built a team that serves you, so you can focus on building a business that makes a difference.

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