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When you want to experience growth in your real estate business, you know it takes more than a one-person show to get it done. You need someone who can help you with listing properties, client communications, and someone who makes sure all the paperwork is complete so you can successfully close.

But it's more than just building your business and having someone to help you with the details of transactions, you want a team. Experienced REALTORS® and industry leaders who know how to work hard and play hard too.

We pride ongoing training and support for our team as well as opportunites to have fun and laugh along the way.

Right now, we are looking for people who are “A” players in everything they do. We not only want to partner with people who are fantastic in real estate, but those that are a cultural fit for our team. We want to make sure you fit with us as much as we’re going to fit with you.

If you are ready to see if The Mike Brown Group is the right team for you we would love to meet you.

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Mike Brown

Owner / Team Leader

Tonyah Lee

Managing Partner

Becky Bradburn

Operations Manager

Diana Reynolds

Director of Agent Development

Kristi Farrell

Marketing Director

Kelly Martin

Digital Communications Manager

Brett Rudolph

Video Production Specialist

Kat O’Connor

Digital Media Specialist

Corinne Frye

Social Media Communications Lead

Debra Toshi

Transaction Coordinator

Brooke Erickson

Content Writer

Melinda Truman Coleman

Director of First Impressions

Shelbi Thomas

Listing Coordinator

Tricia Dietzler

Transaction Coordinator

Angie Williams


Brenda Davis


Butch Amyx


Carmen Wilson


Courtney Marzocco


C.J. Peebles


Diego Espinosa


Guy Ouwehand


Ian Woelper


Jacob Wolfe


Janet Gohlke


Jenn Campos


Jenny Olin


Jennifer Zagarella


John Chandler


Kara Vanderleest


Kari Christiansen


Kathy Edmondson


Kerrylyn Miller


Kimberly Christianson


Kyle Millar


Lauren Caven


Lorin Peterson


Mark Prince

Director of Agent Recruitment

Minette Hale


Ray Garcia


Rich Arnold


Sandie Gibson


Shane Lee


Steve Elerick


Sharon Schmitt


Tabatha Gutierrez


Tyler Honzel


··· Are we the right fit for you? ···

We understand this is a tough decision and something we take very seriously. Right now, we are looking for people who are “A” players in everything they do. We not only want to partner with people who are fantastic in real estate, but those that are a cultural fit for our team. We want to make sure you fit with us as much as we’re going to fit with you. To make sure it's a great fit for everyone, our process allows us to get to know one another personally and professionally. Our goal is to help you grow as a professional while building relationships with a team that is dedicated to your success.

Ready to Break Free


At the Mike Brown Group, we know you want to build a successful real estate business in Idaho. The problem is, there are so many things that need to be done, you end up spending long days trying to coordinate it all. You're overworked, tired, and just need help. You love the industry, but you can't sustain managing it all if you want to build a successful network to grow your business.

We get it. Like you, we've all been there and struggled to build the relationships we need to grow our business while juggling housing listings, contract negotiations, and countless steps to turn a lead into a sale. That's why we've built a group that helps you tackle the jobs to be done, so you can focus on what you do best, build relationships and land business.

If you're ready to join a team that focuses on building and supporting relationships the plan is simple. First, schedule a call with our leadership team to determine if the Mike Brown Group is for you. Next, you'll meet with other REALTORS® and the marketing team so you know how they can help you build your business. Finally, when you join the Mike Brown Group, you'll get a step-by-step on-boarding plan, to help you streamline your processes so you can build your business.

So schedule your call today, and in the meantime, check out the "5 Things to look for when Joining a Real Estate Team", to help you in your search.

Stop feeling overworked and exhausted building your real estate business on your own. When you join the Mike Brown Group, you'll get the team you need to better run your business, so you can get back to serving clients and enjoying your life again.

··· Our Stats don't lie ···

Over the last ten years, our volume has dramatically increased. Our production per agent has increased as a result of the marketing, tools, training, and support we provide our team. Consider this, in 2022, we closed $295,535,072 in volume.


Average Agent Production


We've built a team that serves you, so you can focus on building a business that makes a difference.

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