You’re a business owner, but you still need co-workers & fun

We talk a lot about building relationships with clients as the key to building your business. Those relationships often make up the majority of your business, either through past clients ready to buy again or from the referrals of those who know, like and trust you. Client relationships are definitely crucial to your success in the real estate business.

But there are other relationships that are equally important to your business – beyond your network of clients who will buy and sell real estate with you. Here’s a hint…most agents think of them as competitors or “just coworkers.”

The critical relationships that also help you drive your business forward are those with your fellow colleagues in real estate – other REALTORS® in your group and the staff on your team, who offer mentoring and advice as well as enabling you to maximize your time to focus on more deals.

Relationships with your clients, as well as your teammates are both important. Your fellow agents in the group can help answer your questions and find solutions to challenges that may arise. Other REALTORS® on your team can help cover your business for you when you take a vacation. They are also a wealth of information to learn from regularly and can offer advice, from their own experience, on how you can build and grow your business.

Your office team helps to ensure all of the documents and paperwork throughout every transaction are complete and accurate, assist you in marketing and branding your business, and can remind you when to send that birthday card or gift to your clients so you can continue to build meaningful relationships with them.

Relationships are key when building your business and they take work. We understand that it’s often hard to keep up with all of the efforts of building and maintaining your relationships with all of your clients in the midst of the hectic pace of real estate. The Mike Brown Group team strives to create a teamwork environment where we learn from each other, help one another, and have a lot of fun, promoting camaraderie along the way. Some examples of how we have built relationships and teamwork are:

  • Giving Back – coming together as a team to donate annually to CATCH of Idaho, a local non-profit charity working to end homelessness in the Treasure Valley, along with other toy drives and food drives to help our community
  • Boss’s Breakfast – recurring office breakfast cooked by the bosses
  • Office potlucks – a great time to get to know each other in the office
  • Quarterly team events – from ax throwing to hockey games – a chance to mingle and connect outside of work

Of course, there are other ways we continually build relationships with our teammates – like our weekly team meetings, special Realtor Round Table conversations, Tuesday morning coffee talks, and many other group get-togethers. All of these times that allow us to get together help our agents build relationships with each other and the rest of the team, and have fun while growing their business.

When you work stressful hours as a real estate agent, it’s good to know you’ve got a team you can call friends to help you. We are always thankful for those who chose to focus on relationships as part of our team, because we know that when we build relationships, we can better serve our clients.