Overwhelmed with Coordinating Listings? You don’t have to be.

As an agent, having the right tools to manage and grow your business is critical to your success. Daily and weekly, you use more than a dozen resources to help you manage your business.

The recurring tasks and to-dos involved in every transaction take time. It can be overwhelming to handle all of the steps necessary, whether working with buyers or sellers, to take top-notch care of each of your clients, and you shouldn’t have to manage it alone.

We know how much time and effort it takes to serve your clients day in and day out. This is why the Mike Brown Group offers a complete office support staff to assist agents with many aspects of their real estate business.

One critical piece of our team is the Listing Coordinator. The Listing Coordinator works hand-in-hand with our agents to create listings that stand apart from others. There is so much thought, knowledge and preparation that goes into a successful home-selling campaign. The Listing Coordinator’s role is an integral piece of that success, starting with researching and acquiring all pertinent property information, writing remarks that attract attention, and scheduling staging consults and professional photography. This role also focuses on keeping agents and their listings in compliance with MLS rules, Idaho Real Estate Commission Guidelines, Brokerage rules and Fair Housing & Equal Opportunity Agency Guidelines.

The following list of tasks is handled by our Listing Coordinator, sparing the agent from spending time on the tedious to-dos of listing a property so they can focus on other high value tasks within their business.

Here is what the Listing Coordinator can do for you:

  • Keep you in compliance with MLS rules
  • Help you manage the Idaho Real Estate Commission Guidelines
  • Stay in compliance with brokerage rules and Fair Housing & Equal Opportunity Agency Guidelines
  • Prepare listing documents
  • Research and gather accurate information for the listing documents, including the IMLS Residential Data form, & the IMLS Status Disclosure
  • Organize the Seller Representation Agreement and the Seller’s Property Disclosure.
  • Conduct research critical to a successful listing
  • Ensure that deeds, tax records, school districts, HOA fees, and flood zones are thoroughly researched for every listing
  • Coordinate staging and photography appointments for custom professional photography and videography for all our listings
  • Compile beautifully written and compelling information on the home’s marketability, including unique features and characteristics, location, size, lot size, architectural design, and amenities
  • Create the complete listing on the MLS with the remarks and photo arrangement
  • Coordinate professional, highly visible yard signs

As an agent, you should focus on networking and reaching out to clients, not getting stuck spending time on contracts, compliance, and coordinating. We help you manage the day-to-day of listing your homes so you can focus on building relationships with your clients.

We love to support our agents as they serve their clients and gain more business. If you want to see if we can help you grow your business, we would love to talk with you.