Back to Business

Back-to-school season is a great reminder of the cyclic nature of life and business. As the kids dive back into their education, why not use this time to dive back into your professional journey? Joining The Mike Brown Group is not just about taking another step; it’s about planting a seed. Like farmers sowing seeds […]

⏰️ Don’t Wait for Motivation to Come

When talking about your real estate business, how often do you say, “Someday, I will?” Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to find the  motivation to do the little things to accomplish your goals or improve your business? Best-selling author Mel Robbins once said, “Motivation is garbage. At some point, we all bought […]

TEAM – Leveraging Your Business

Have you ever thought about the amount of time you spend on real estate-related tasks? If you had to write down a list of everything you spend your time on “doing real estate,” what would your list consist of? Researching property, creating flyers, creating content such as newsletters or market updates, attending networking events, and […]

Consistency is KEY

Consistency is key to success in the real estate industry. It’s a commitment to a course of action, behavior, or discipline and following through with it over time. It is not a one-time effort or a sporadic burst of enthusiasm, but an unwavering commitment to your goals. At the Mike Brown Group, we believe in […]

When you’re happy, things just tend to work out …or do they?

Have you ever met a person who is always positive? Maybe you’ve explained a disappointing, frustrating, or bad situation, and that positive person always finds the silver lining. Stubbed your toe? …At least you didn’t break your foot. Spilled coffee in your lap? …Hey, good reason to change outfits and start the day fresh. Housing […]

Get comfortable in the uncomfortable.

  “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.” I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase before and often we share it with people who are unhappy with their situation and we say, “Well, you know the saying…” In a shifting housing market, are you unhappy with what you’re […]

Be Someone Who Handles Hard Better

Mike recently shared this video with our team of agents during a team meeting. It is inspiring and gives perspective to what many of us are feeling right now. I hope this video inspires you to push through the hard to grow your business for the rest of 2022.   Be someone who handles hard […]

???? Book recommendation as you shift into summer!

WHEW! We made it to summer! I hope you have plans to relax and enjoy a summer vacation. For REALTORS®, this time of year typically slows down, allowing you to take your foot off the gas, spend time with your family and maybe sit back and plan how you will reach your goals for the […]

↗️ How to Thrive in a Shifting Market

Boise is once again front and center on the national housing market front – making headlines with more of a positive spin, as opposed to some of the negative commentary we’ve been hearing the last couple of months regarding our shifting market. From the Today Show, NBC Nightly News, and CNBC to the front page […]

Overwhelmed with Coordinating Listings? You don’t have to be.

As an agent, having the right tools to manage and grow your business is critical to your success. Daily and weekly, you use more than a dozen resources to help you manage your business. The recurring tasks and to-dos involved in every transaction take time. It can be overwhelming to handle all of the steps […]

Are you prepared for the SHIFT? ????

The Shift. Summer is quickly approaching, and with planned vacations and families focusing on summer break, you’re probably aware of a noticeable shift in the market. In fact, even more drastic than a “shift,” the market seems to have slowed. Sellers might still be caught up in overpricing their homes and buyers, now skeptical of […]

????️ Enjoy Your Vacation!

  Imagine sitting back and relaxing with your favorite beverage in hand, toes in the sand, and your cares floating away with every ocean wave. After a wild few years of nose-to-the-grindstone work to build your business, you’ve finally taken that much needed vacation to relax and unwind. But when your phone vibrates with a […]

Do you know the common misconception about being an agent?

There are many reasons why people choose real estate as a profession. The thrill of the hunt for homes for buyers and closing the deal Freedom and flexibility in a career Serving clients by helping them successfully list and sell their home, then helping them find their next dream home When you decided to build […]

The Mike Brown Group’s Agent Concierge – your business assistant!

The Mike Brown Group leadership team strives to take our team of agents to the next level in a variety of ways to grow their business. We provide multiple ways to solve the day-to-day challenges that Realtors® face, allowing them to focus on their existing clients and cultivating new relationships. As part of our team, […]

You’re a business owner, but you still need co-workers & fun

We talk a lot about building relationships with clients as the key to building your business. Those relationships often make up the majority of your business, either through past clients ready to buy again or from the referrals of those who know, like and trust you. Client relationships are definitely crucial to your success in […]

Is your personal brand growing your business?

Building relationships is an essential part of growing your business, and last week we shared a few tips to help you build those relationships. One of the most complex parts about being an agent, other than finding houses for all your buyers, is how to gain exposure and personal brand awareness. Building your personal brand, […]

Do you own your client database?

As a REALTOR® we know you work hard to build your client relationships. You may spend time calling your clients on their birthday, send them special handwritten notes in the mail, or personally deliver a gift basket when they have a new baby. As a professional in real estate, cultivating your database and building those […]

Serving Your Clients and Your Community

As an agent in the Treasure Valley, you love where you live and make it your mission to help your clients. You share your favorite places to eat and things to do that are unique to Boise, so your clients love living here, too. Building your life here isn’t only about building relationships as you […]