When you’re happy, things just tend to work out …or do they?

Have you ever met a person who is always positive? Maybe you’ve explained a disappointing, frustrating, or bad situation, and that positive person always finds the silver lining.

Stubbed your toe? …At least you didn’t break your foot.

Spilled coffee in your lap? …Hey, good reason to change outfits and start the day fresh.

Housing Market is shifting? …Bring it on! It’s time to change the way we’ve been doing things, experiment, and have fun working on new ways to generate leads!

These people aren’t necessarily Pollyanna, where there is sunshine 24/7 and nothing is ever wrong, but they do look at the world differently, and most of the time they are action-takers looking for a way to take what may seem negative and use it to their advantage.

Right now, the industry narrative seems to be doom and gloom as interest rates went up again, and the slowing market hasn’t picked up, but there’s always a silver lining, right?

Positive people are looking at the market and seeing the opportunity to grow their business, not settling for defeat. They’re working hard researching new ways to reach their goals and adjusting what they need to do to maintain their business success.

Mark Prince – Director of Agent Recruiting

We know, because we’ve been doing that, too. We’ve been helping our agents make adjustments with enhanced training and mentoring so they can navigate this challenging market.

We’ve also been adjusting within our support staff, as we’ve brought someone on board to help us talk to more agents like you. Mark Prince is our Director of Agent Recruiting, and his main goal is to connect with agents who are curious about what the Mike Brown Group has to offer that’s different from where they are now.

Mark’s enthusiasm for the industry and helping agents find opportunities is important. After all, a lot of real estate agents who have been immersed in the business for a while aren’t always aware of team opportunities and how joining forces with a group can drastically help them grow their business.

“People who are generally happy or positive are not consistently looking to make changes because they always believe it will work out. But sometimes, there is a better fit that will change your life. I talk with agents to help them determine just that.” – Mark Prince, The Mike Brown Group

You might be in a place where you are successful and completely happy working with your current team. If so, we are thrilled for you! That means you can serve more clients because you’re not stuck wondering what it would be like if…

However, if you’ve been pondering what other options may be out there for you, we would love to introduce ourselves and chat about what makes the Mike Brown Group different.