Be Someone Who Handles Hard Better

Mike recently shared this video with our team of agents during a team meeting. It is inspiring and gives perspective to what many of us are feeling right now. I hope this video inspires you to push through the hard to grow your business for the rest of 2022.


In the past few weeks, the real estate spigot went from wide open to just a small drip, as demand for homes decreased even more so than the usual slowdown for this time of the summer.

It’s challenging daily, as buyers and sellers are hitting the pause button, unsure of what the market will do next. Buyers are leery of making a move in the market and sellers are choosing to wait to list their homes.

As a real estate agent, it’s necessary to adapt and to pivot with changing markets. You must learn how to handle change, and learn how to handle it well.

It takes determination, dedication, and a decision to find ways to handle “the hard”, so you can keep doing what you love successfully.


There are several plans of action to take right now, even during this summer slowdown, to elevate your business and continue to grow. Learn how to navigate a new platform or network with new groups to expand your reach. Read industry books and articles. Spend time with experts in the industry who have seen markets similar to this before and can provide advice on how to position your buyers and sellers better, increasing your opportunities and revenue.

As a group, we understand how challenging it is to be an agent when “times get tough”. Every day, this market can seem daunting and it constantly presents new sets of challenges to be worked through.

To help you navigate this shift in the market, here are some helpful tips:

  • Meet with experienced agents who have been through a shift similar to this for advice and perspective.
  • Pay attention to the market as a whole. What is happening in Boise and the Treasure Valley is different from national averages. Search for glimmers of forward movement and “good” news.
  • Communicate with your customers the relevant information that helps them make better buying and selling decisions.
  • Keep learning and growing as a real estate professional by reading and training in areas that grow your business.

These are just a few ways you can “handle the hard” of the market shift, and it’s how we help our agents handle the shift, too.

We gather together as a team weekly to learn from experienced agents and industry professionals who provide insight on the current housing market, give recommendations to handle changes in the market, share experiences that many of us may also be experiencing, and to simply encourage one another. We share key information about all things local, so our agents are educated and knowledgeable about what could potentially affect our market, good and bad. We discuss ways to better communicate with our clients, so they feel heard and informed about what’s happening in the market. And we prioritize learning by sharing books, podcasts, articles, and in-house training so an agent can expand their market knowledge and be prepared to have conversations about the market we are currently in and what their buyers and sellers can expect.

As an agent, you want to serve your clients to the very best of your ability. In a shifting market, it’s easy to become discouraged and uncertain about what the future will hold and how to best serve your clients. We believe you can navigate the shift so you can reach your goals and provide outstanding service to your clients, so they continue to trust you, do business with you, and refer you to their friends and family.

We hope your real estate business is successful and you are thriving as an agent in this changing market. However, if you need the support our team environment provides or are wanting to know more about how we help our agents to be successful, I would love to talk to you.

We are in this together.